Sunday, March 27, 2011

3rd & Longenhagen Rock & Roll Fantasy Draft

If you’re wondering why the month of March has been desolate at 3rd & Longenhagen, you’re about to find out. I’ve been working on something for a while now and it is finally come to fruition. It is the 3rd & Longenhagen Rock and Roll Fantasy Draft.

I love fantasy drafts. I believe any subject matter can be improved and discussed around fantasy drafts or brackets. One group of people that don’t usually get to enjoy the majesty of fantasy drafts are music nerds. These people don’t always enjoy sports, they care about other things. They have a God given right to experience the fantasy draft dynamic. That is why I created this one for the blog. Each participant gets to pick a band made up of 5 members. The group collectively judges the bands at the end to determine the winner based on who we think will make the best music, be the most commercially successful, be the best to see live, or whatever else we want to judge on. Here is a quick rundown of all 13 participants.

Eric Longenhagen

I come from a long line of musical people and play several instruments (guitar, piano, drums, triangle) with great mediocrity because I can’t stay away from sports long enough to really practice and get good at anything musical. My raw talent allows me to still produce quality and, in spurts, brilliant output, but I’ll never have the work ethic to reach my full potential (I’m like the Stromile Swift of music) and I’m okay with that. My favorite band is The Clash. I think the greatest band ever is Led Zeppelin. I think Rush has the best musicians. Country music (no, thats not a typo) is awful and if you come near me with that bullshit I will seriously fuck you up.

Unless you’re a hot girl.

Glen “ Stoagie” Longenhagen

Glen has been a multi tasking musician for over 35 years...He currently is one of the “Bond Boys”

( no...he ‘s not starring in a new updated and “ homogenized” aha... version of our favorite English secret agent movie series) but as a key member in Common Bond...the Lehigh Valley’s premiere classic rock party band.

Playing Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, and occasional vocals, he wants to take up banjo in near future.

Glen’s musical insight will undoubtedly make him one of the more formidable opponents in this fantasy battle of the bands

Watch out all you tone deaf schmucks

Ryan Sharkazy

I have very little experience actually playing instruments. As a kid, I took piano lessons and dabbled with a guitar but never learned how to play it properly. I listen to everything from the Temptations to Blink 182. I like to think of myself as someone who appreciates music and listens to it no matter what the occasion. My favorite band is probably the Dave Matthews Band due to their different sound and combination of various instruments not commonly found in "mainstream" music. I have been to over 50 concerts in my life (majority being DMB) and I will be adding to that total this summer. Over the years, I've had a much greater appreciation for bands like The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Led Zeppelin, etc. Yet, I still finding myself loving songs from Jay Z, The Beastie Boys, and Notorious B.I.G.

Rik Pontician

Musical interests:

Well I have plenty of those pretty much anything as long as it's not Rap but I do enjoy to play stuff with a good driving backbone, hard rock, metal even some punk fits that bill but when I want to just listen to something I often pick some Yes, Genesis, Kansas, Rush... I think you get the picture.

Musical abilities:

Hmmm well I guess technically I can play Bass, Guitar, a little bit of keyboards and sax but really can't do any of those with expertise at least not anymore. My best instrument is ... well lets not get into that.

I've never seen Dave Matthews live but I did drink heavily when I was forced to watch the Grammys so does that count?

Dave Knerr

I have been involved with music since 5th grade when i joined chorus. I was in chorus for 3 years. In 8th grade I started trombone. I played in Lincoln Middle School band for one year and high school marching, concert and jazz bands for 4 years.

I started playing a little guitar in 9th grade and started bass in 10th with a home made POS bass I made. I was in a short term band with your dad, your uncle a Greg and Gary Pontician. I never really got too good at it, but always messed around trying to get better. I was more interested in the technical side of music, since I was into electronics. I worked on making synths and special effects and doing circuit bending. I've MIdIfied some basic synths and put down the instruments while I was in the military and had kids. I picked up my bass again around 2000 and started playing out with some friends at parties. I also picked up guitar again and continued my electronic work again, also. I built a small home studio and supported my kids in music and recording. I built a small electronic drum machine and more electronics effects, designing my own tube base fuzz wah pedal, which turned out very well. I've designed and built some Theremins and though I don't play out anymore, I still jam at home.

I can't remember the last time I did an illegal substance, either because I've done too much or because I've done too little (probably the former).
My musical preferences tend to stray tp prog rock and classic, though I still find some of the newer musicians very good. In general, I have to say I am extremely disappointed in the current state of the business, due to the prefab nature of what is pushed off on the public and marketed by AR salesmen.

Liz Abbott

The QUICK musical BIO of Liz Ayn Abbott, the fabulous Aunt of Eric Longenhagen: Took piano as a child, however, once I graduated to the book where they stopped numbering the keys...I quit and started smoking, age 9 1/2. I then started singing. It was free and I was loud. I fancy myself a good "Faker" and mimic, however, do not know how to read music. I love music and married a man with many talents, inclusive of playing musical instruments and singing. We have 2 children that LOVE music. I grew up in Indiana listening to John Cougar, Neil Diamond and Barbara Streissand. I moved to Florida and was forced to listen to Jimmy Buffet. I quickly started my intense love affair with Prince which later moved into a light alternative fascination, both in music and fashion. I became the Voice of local Indy/alternative Rock station and attended many events that I will never tell my children about. I continue to love and listen to ALL genres of music. Not a huge Jazz or current country fan, but, I would never NOT listen to music, if that is all that I had.

I will not disclose how many times I have seen Dave Matthews live in FABULOUS concert, therefore, I will not be disclosing any illegal substances that I might or might not have enjoyed whilst doing so.

Matt Balikan

Rock and Roll ain't Noise Pollution, one of the best lines a 4 yr old could hear.  Thanks to my older brother and sister I was exposed to alot of music growing up. Punk, like the pistols, GBH and the ramones. Rock, like AC/DC, Nugent, and Black Sabbith. I truly believe this is where I got my sense of music. Drums are my weapon of choice. Some people believe in god, I believe in music. Some people go to church to pray, I just turn up the stereo

Todd Baldwin

I started playing guitar at 18 (self-taught), I'm 31 now, so i have played guitar for roughly 13 years now. I got into guitar after my younger cousin bought one when i was 16. I always had interest in drums as well and can hang on the basics. Began playing bass with Matt and Phil a year ago, i have always dabbled with bass guitar since my borther plays bass. Strong background on music theory. I'm naturally left-handed, but i also do alot of things right-handed, including playing guitar. I drum lefty.

Growing up, I listened to harder stuff: metallica, pantera, alice and chains, and tool. Artists that I now listen to are very diverse: Heavy metal such as As I Lay Dying and Lamb of God, all sorts of classic rock, lots of blues, alternative rock (sans Peral Jam, i don't like them), punk rock, rap (only certain artists), hip-hop, and dance. Essentially i have two rules to what I will listen to: No country and no Nickelback

Alexandra Scheirer

I began appreciating music and the genre of rock and roll at a young age. I was four years old and equipped with a CD player and the greatest hits album of two of the most quintessential American bands; Styx and The Beach Boys. I saw my first concert at the age of three (The Elephant Show) and the Beach Boys at the Great Allentown Fair when I was five. It was around this age when I began to discover other bands- Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and Queen were among my favorites.

In the fourth grade I took six piano lessons (it was an accelerated course). Once I mastered the difficult piece entitled Oscar the Octopus I felt it was time to leave my piano playing career behind. In grade eight, I, along with esteemed college Ryan Sharkazy, starred in the St. Elizabeth Regional School's production of A Christmas Carol. I played the role of The Ghost of Christmas Present and I preformed a rap entitled "C'mon Scrooge." This performance led to appreciate the rock and pop genre in a way I had not before.

When ITunes finally premiered in the early 2000's I finally realized my true musical gift: the ability to make awesome playlists. With my extensive knowledge of rock and roll and my auxiliary knowledge of every other genre, I had the ability to select a perfect combination of songs. Throughout college, I used these talents at parties, for slideshows, and to enhance Chestnut Hill College group functions when the organization asked me to set the ambiance for the event. These include Halloween parties, Water Pong tournaments, and Christmas decorating nights. Though I have received many awards for my talents, my greatest achievement was making the Chestnut Hill College class of 2008 cry at their senior dinner with the musical accompaniment to their (otherwise lame) slide show.

Phil Milia
I hate writing bios, mainly b/c I'm not a self indulgent solo guitar player. I first became interested in music, I think, when I heard "The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes" playing from my uncles bedroom when I was a kid. This led to interest in my uncles band at the time, The Complaints. So, I am deeply rooted in new wave, power pop, punk rock. In my middle school years, I got heavily into Rap, but still had a great appreciation for rock/punk. As I creeped up on high school, Punk sucked me back in and I began to crave the Complaints and music that inspired that style of music (The Clash, The Sex Pistols). This led me to more current music of this style coming out and discovering a multitude of other groups through talking to my aunts and uncles and friends. The renewed interest in The Complaints and Green Day actually made me want to pick up and learn guitar, which I began around 10th grade. Since then, I haven't lost interest and have played in several bands ranging from punk, to post-punk, to power pop. I must refrain from providing any details to my previous pot smoking habits.

Michele Longenhagen

Alright then, let's see... I was fortunate to be exposed to some pretty sweet tunes growing up, from The Beatles to The Judybats and lots in-between. I definitely went through the requisite high school "my classic rock is better than your (insert shitty Top 40 here)" phase, but have lightened up a lot since then (or so I think). My taste in music is constantly growing and changing but of course, there will always be the bands that just never get old. All time favorites include: The Beatles (of course), Big Star and anything Alex Chilton, Prince, David Bowie, The Pixies, Clapton, Smokey Robinson, Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, Talking Heads, The Velvet Underground and all things Lou Reed, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon (alright Garfunkel, you can come too) and Led Zeppelin so on. Most recently, I've been getting into a lot of jams of the fat bass line variety and I've got to say I like what I'm hearing. I'll keep ya posted.

Doug Kindt
My early years of music consisted of what i was shown as child.... New wave 80's style music such as The Talking Heads, Xtc, Tears for Fears, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran... etc... As i grew older I got into Grunge 90's stuff... noting some important bands of the time;( Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins. ) Soon I started getting into heavier/more emotional/political bands introduced to me none other than Phil Milia... Punk Rock!!! NOFX, Rancid, Operation Ivy, Houseboy, At the Drive In.... then i became enthralled with the more intense music styles such as black/death metal, i became obsessed with machine gun drumming and precision involved  with the style. Some examples of the greats (Nile, Behemoth, Belphegor, Dimmu Borgir), and currently i am a Djent junkie... I cant get enough of bands that have a melodic undertone with intense progressions... Examples (Meshuggah (the inventor of the elite style), Sybreed, Breach the Void, Volumes, Periphery, Circle of Contempt)


The Draft

Pick #1: Dave Grohl (selected by Phil Milia)

Eric's Thoughts: This was somewhat shocking but I get it.  Phil likely has the same ideas I do, looking for versatility. Grohl is a fine durmmer (from his Nirvana days) a decent guitar player and singer (Foo Fighters) and a terrific song writer.  Grohl was actually pretty heavily involved inwriting most of Nirvana's later stuff.  Phil is able to stay nimble and not worry about instument specificity later.  This is a fine pick.

Pick #2: Eddie Van Halen (picked by Matt Balikan)

Eric's Thoughts: Matty is a great drummer and I thought for sure we'd hear Neil Peart's name called here.  Alas, I can't argue with Van Halen here, arguably the best guitar player of all time.  Whether playing insanely creative riffs (Drop Dead Legs has my favorite) or lightning fast solos, Van Halen and his trademark guitar coined "Frankenstrat" created brilliance.  Van Halen also played almost all of Van Halen's keyboard parts.  He also was the primary song writing force for one of the greatest bands ever.  He did all this while putting up with David Lee Roth's bullshit. 

Pick #3: Jimi Hendrix (selected by Ryan Sharkazy)
Eric's Thoughts: Shark snags the most talented of the bunch at #3.  James Marshall Hendrix is the greatest guitarist ever.  The first time he saw Hendrix play, Ozzy Osbourne assumed it was fake because he'd never heard anything like it.  I'm very excited to see what kind of band Shark builds around Jimi.  I had him #1 on my board initially, but ultimately took him off altogether, refusing to draft him, because I have no idea how to compliment him.  The challenge Shark faces is not unlike the one the Sixers faced trying to build a team around Allen Iverson in the late 90s.  I also wonder if he'll add a better singer and let Hendrix focus primarily on his axe.

Pick #4: Tom Petty (selected by Alexandra Scheirer)

Eric's Thoughts: Alex has always had an affinity for Petty.  Musically, he's not supremely talented and he doesn't have the raw vocal ability of a Freddie Mercury or a Robert Plant, but he's written a shitload of great songs over 35 years of Heartbreaking.  He's also competent in several instruments and has a Super Bowl Haftime Show under his belt (though, so do the Black Eyed Peas).  I'm sure Alex has thought this thing through, it's the way she is.  She has a master plan, so while this pick is underwhelming, I'm taking a wait and see approach with her band. 

Pick #5: Neil Peart (selected by Doug Kindt)
Eric's Thoughts: Now we're getting into this shit.  Doug's drumming sensibilities can't allow him to take anyone other than Peart, the greatest drummer of all time.  With a drum kit the size of Rhode Island, Peart rarely makes noises that don't sound exactly like the ones you hear on Rush's albums, exactly when you hear them.  He also wrote most of Rush's music, which tends to be why women don't like Rush.  I say this because chicks tend to care about lyrics, and Peart's aren't great.  They're weird and off-putting.  Dougie will likely find an upscale lyricist late in the draft, but for now, he has what would be the equivalent of an NFL Offensive line consisting of 5 Hall of Famers setting his tempo. 

Pick #6: Prince Rogers Nelson (selected by Liz Abbott)
Eric's Thoughts: I was hoping The Purple One would slip under the radar so I could grab is sex-oozing ass late in the draft.  Sadly, my Aunt Liz has her shit together and grabbed him right up.  We've talked about versatility to this point, and Prince may be the most versatile of them all.  Not only is he an A+ singer and an A- guitar player, he also plays bass, piano, drums, harmonica and sexaphone (again, not a typo, it's Prince).  To this day, Prince's Super Bowl halftime show in the rain in Miani is my favorite ever.  He has the most impressive stage presence I've ever seen and is also a terrific basketball player.  Early information suggests that Liz's band will likely be the most unusual.

Pick #7: John Entwistle (Selected by Rik Pontician)

With (in my opinion) the greatest guitarist and drummer off the board, Rik selects the greatest bass player.  Entwistle's bland on stage persona kept his abilities from being as touted as they should have been, especially with Keith Moon thrashing away, Pete Townsend windmilling and Roger Daltry's abs around to steal all the attention.  Entwistle is capable of playing any style of bass, from slap to plectra and even harmonics.  He'll also make for a fine backing vocal contributor.  Entwistle died in true Rock and Roll fashion in 2002 from a drug overdose.  Rik will have to be sure not to draft anyone who'll be so loud that they drown out Boris the Spider and holy, 4 stringed weapon

Pick #8: Jim Morrison (selected by Todd Baldwin)
Eric's thoughts: Our first pure lead singer is off the board.  We will never really know what Morrison could have done had he noted passed at 27, but what we have from him up until then is pretty special.  Morrison was found dead in a bathtub in Paris and no official autopsy was ever conducted, so we don't really know how he died.  Nobody would stand for that shit today.  Morrison was supposedly a genius, with an I.Q. topping out around 149. (I.Q., to me, is to intelligence what the 40yd dash is to football.  It's relevant, but it's not everything.) He was the kind of guy every other guy resents; good looking, confident, smart, and a poetry writing douche that all the girls drool over.  Todd may have to scramble to grab musicians if nobody else goes the pure singer route.

Pick #9: Paul McCartney (selected by Glen Longenhagen)
Eric's Thoughts: I was hoping to build my band around McCartney but Dad took him right in front of me.  Yes, McCartney is one of the greatest song writers ever, can play the piano, guitar, ukelele and several brass instruments.  All of that clouds the fact that he is also one of the greatest bass players we've ever had.  He also sings well enough that he can anchor your vocals, even in an all star setting like this.  He is the first Beatle taken here, which cements his status as the best Beatle.  Plus, you know McCartney will put out for your band because he needs the cash after that one legged whore sucked his bank account dry.  Inevitably, Glen will screw this pick up by taking some fruity Genesis members later in the draft.

Pick #10: Jimmy Page (selected by me, Eric Longenhagen)
Eric's Thoughts: While not as talented as Hendrix or Van Halen, Page has the more impressive resume'.  From a super prosperous session musician to the Yardbirds and then to Led Zeppelin, Page's influence on those who succeeded him is undeniable.  Led Zeppelin's catalog is so diverse that you can listen to back to back Zeppelin songs without realizing it's the same band.  Page was largely responsible for this spectrum, as he has stated that a diverse array of music was his goal for Led Zep from the beginning.  He is also one kick ass guitar player.  I'm a sucker for cool riffs, and Page will give me plenty of those.  He plays several instruments (mandolin plus a bunch of other string instruments, harmonica, keyboards) so he fits my plan to get versatile musicians.  He does not, however, sing.  I wasn't planning on having a oure lead singer, I was just going to use McCartney.  I'm adjusting.

Pick #11: Freddie Mercury (selected by Dave Knerr)
Eric's Thoughts: Another pure lead singer, Fred Bulsara had an interesting childhood.  Born in East Africa to parents who practiced Zoroastrianism, he changed his surname to Mercury right around when Queen was formed.  He has a fantastic voice and once in a lifetime stage presence that make him, in my opinion, the greatest lead singer in the history of Rock.  He also introduced Rock and Roll to Adidas.  Mercury's song writing ability will also contribute to Knerr's roster, but not be enough to carry it, at least not in this scenario.  Remember, Brian May was heavily involved in writing Queen's stuff, so Freddie is less than the sum of Queen's creative parts. 

Pick #12: Eric Clapton (selected by Michele Longenhagen)

Eric's Thoughts: A fine pick, Clapton is on the Mount Rushmore of great guitarists.  Despite his greatness, Clapton can't be identifies with any one, great band.  His time with the Yardbirds and with Cream were both relatively short.  He's a lot like Terrell Owens, without as much of the crazy.  Something needs to be said about this.  Why is it that Clapton never stuck around in one place for very long?  Was he a dick that band members didn't want around? Was he unable to quell conflict amongst fellow bandmates.  Ultimately, I think he just wanted total autonomy, without having anyone to surpress his creativity.  He's a musical loner.   I wonder if Michele will have him front the band also....

Pick #13: David Byrne (selected by Michele Longenhagen)
Shit.  Michele immediately establishes herself as a legitimate early threat to win this thing.  Byrne is a musical mad scientist.  He spent his college years at thr Rhode Island School of Design before moving to New York and startin Talking Heads.  The first gig the Heads ever played was at CBGB's as the opening act for the Ramones.  How the fuck do you score that as your first gig?  Anyway, now Byrne is wielding a musical weapon he neve had with Talking Heads, in Eric Clapton.  I can't imagine what that will produce.  Two caveats here: First, Byrne's best work came whilst working with producer Brian Eno.  He wasn't relevant before or after.  It's likely Eno was simply willing to let Byrne do what he wanted, and other producers could've been scared to let him run wild as it might cost them their jobs if Byrne were to fail.  Second, if my theory that Clapton craved creative autonomy holds water, then he and Byrne might not be able to coexist.  We shall see. 

Michele's band so far: Eric Clapton, David Byrne

Pick #14: Jaco Pastorius (Selectes by Dave Knerr)
Eric's Thoughts: Pastorius made his bones in Jazz.  He likely can't write the kind of music that this type of competition is seeking, but he can sure as hell play it.  Pastorius suffered from mental illness and substance abuse issues, once again raising the question, "Are does craziness fuel creativity, or does inexpressable creativity drive one crazy?" It's a nature or nurture sort of question I'd like answered one day.  Pastorius, a Norristown, PA native, died after a violent fight with a club bouncer left him in a coma he didn't survive.  Jaco was also an innovator, as he was one of the first bassists to use harmonics.  Knerr now has Mercury and Pastorius.  His draft likel hinges on the type of guitar player he grabs.  I'll take a wait and see approach with this group.

Dave's band so far: Freddie Mercury, Jaco Pastorius

Pick #15: Pete Townshend (selected by Eric Longenhagen)
My Thought's: I grab a rhythm guitar player in round 2.  May seem like a reach, and it is, but it's not like Petey isn't any good.  He's an electric performer and, as far as I'm concerned, the personification of rock and roll.  While providing backing guitar and vocals, as well as weird, synthy, expertise. Townshend is one of my favorite song writers ever.  I love the aggressive yet simple pace and attitude The Who brought to the table and I'm drooling over what he and Page can do together.  Pete is a bit of an oddball, but Page is so even keeled that he'll keep things settled. Page can provide the excellent technique, Townshend the agnst.  They both write great shit. The down side is I now have almost no flexibility. I have two guitar players, neither of which can sing.  Unless I can find a drummer or bass player who can sing, I'm going to have to take a pure lead singer, something I didn't want to do.

My band so far: Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend

Pick #16: Tony Banks (selected by Glen Longenhagen)
Eric's Thoughts:  When you thikn Genesis, you immediately think Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins (who was massacred by our participants during the draft, for being a complete tool), but Banks was a central part of their song writing as well, often contributing the core concepts of songs before others added layers.  Of course, Banks is a great musician as well.  My dad's musical preferences shine through here.  He likes progressive rock from the 70s.  Sadly, nobody else does, and he's just combined an artist who makes musice everbody likes (Paul McCartney) with one that makes music barely anyone does (Banks).  Listening to the Beatles is like watching football and listening to Genesis is like watching soccer.  You know you're watching good athletes, but you can't get into it.  I'm going to be pissed if McCartney is wasted in this band.

Glen's band so far: Paul McCartney, Tony Banks

Pick #17: Danny Carey (selected by Todd Baldwin)
Eric's Thoughts: I like this pick. Carey is one of modern rock's best drummers, a master of that heavy, punching style that real metal employs.  Carey combined professional drum lessons  in his free time with percussioncentric courses in the classroom.  He began expanding his studies in percussion with theory into the principles of geometry, science, and metaphysics as well as delving into Sacred Geometry and certain hidden aspects of life and the occult.  Every ounce of his being has been thrown into drumming.  I like the combo Todd has in place with Morrison and Carey.  He clearly understands positional scarcity concepts.  There are plenty of great guitar players and you can get one late if you want.

Todd's band so far: Jim Morrison, Danny Carey

Pick #18: Bill Bruford (selected by Rik Pontician)
Eric' Thoughts: Bruford played with Yes, King Crimson AND Genesis.  You wouldn't think Yes was full of vitriol and conflict, but it was, and Bruford left Yes after 1972 to join King Crimson.  Bruford, like so many great rock drummers, was influenced by jazz drumming early on, a phenomenon I can't explain quite yet.  With him and John Entwistel in tow, Pontician has two A musicians, but has yet to snare a song writer.  I wait to see who he brings in as his creative force.  Rik's band is on my radar.

Rik's band so far: John Entwistle, Bill Bruford

Pick 19#: Ani DiFranco (selected by Liz Abbott)
Eric's Thoughts: Girl Power! DiFranco is a female version of my Townshend pick, instead of embodying rock and roll, she smbodies feminism.  In fact, many of her fans were pissed when she originally got married because she sold out and married a man.  Retards.  It's interesting to think about how DiFranco and Prince will coexist in Liz's band.  They'll either mesh beautifully or clash incessantly.  Will DiFranco find Prince's sexually charged lyrics to be sexist and exploitive?  She will likely sing backup next to Prince and play rhythm guitar.  She can slide over to the piano if she needs to.  My friends will testify that I'm into weird, alt rock/emo girls, but DiFranco is too weird for me.  Not that it matters or anything, that would be sexist.

Liz's band so far: Prince, Ani Difranco

Pick #20: Les Claypool (selected by Doug Kindt)
Eric's Thoughts: Dougie's band gets a little weirder.  Claypool was set to audition to play bass for Metallica after Cliff Burton died (Claypool and Kirk Hammett were friends) but Metallica turned him down because, "he was too good and should do his own thing." His own thing he did.  Claypool started Primus, one of the most unique sounding bands of all time.  They wrote the theme for South Park.  Claypool is technically Primus' lead singer, but I'm not sure if his style will play in this competition or if Doug will add a better singer in a later round.  For now, Doug has two of the more enigmatic minds in recent music history.  Who knows what they'd produce?

Pick #21: David Crosby (selected by Alexandra Scheirer)
Eric's Thoughts: Crosby was a fine song writer and a pretty good guitar player.  He was kicked out of The Byrds for going on long, political, Eric Longenhagen style diatribes on stage between songs.  What a douche.  Why not just insert your political angst into the song itself?  Anyway, Crosby Stills Nash and Young formed thereafter (if you're all a bunch of super creative people, how about putting some effort into your band name?).  Crosby's real value comes in his singing.  His voice is perfect for harmonizing and he and Petty together would likely make up an above average vocal section.  I anticipate Alex to draft another voice somewhere down the line. We'll see if she grabs a true lead guitar player as well.  It doesn't seem like her style.

Alex's Band so far: Tom Petty, David Crosby

Pick #22: Travis Barker (selected by Ryan Sharkazy)
Eric's Thoughts: Yet another elite drummer who got his start taking jazz lessons, Barker was the only elite musician in Blink182, a favorite among my age group.  Barker kind of lucked into Blink when their original drummer Scott Raynor's drinking became too much for Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLong to handle.  Can you imagine how bad of a drunk you'd have to be to get kicked out of a rock band?  Beyond Blink, Barker has shown the ability to translate his lightning fast hands to all sorts of genres, including Hip Hop.  Shark now has Barker and Hendrix signed up.  Both guys were the musical drivers of their respective bands and I think Shark has found a fit.  I can imagine them improvizing on stage together for 3 hours and not pissing anyone off.  So far so good for Shark.

Shark's band so far: Jimi Hendrix, Travis Barker

Pick #23: John Bonham (selected by Matt Balikan)
Eric's Thoughts: People always seem to mention "Moby Dick" when Bonzo comes up.  Who cares.  Long drum solos like that are bullshit.  If I were at a Led Zeppelin concert, this is when I'd go to the bathroom.  Anyway, Bonham is one of the greatest drummers ever.  Zep's music covers such a broad spectrum that  Bonham would fit into anyone's band and he can also contribute vocally.  The foundation has been layed for a contending band with Matty having drafted Bonham and Eddie Van Halen.  He needs a lead singer and a bass player.  He makes his 3rd pick in short order and it will tell us a lot about whether Matt has a real shot.  At this point, I'd say he does.

Pick #24: Darrell Abbott

Eric's Thoughts: Dimebag founded Pantera in the early 80s but they didn't become a commercial success until the early 90s.  Posessing obivous elite guitar playing skills, Darrell was also renowned for his geniality and willingness to interact with fans.  Pantera only held the spotlight for a few years, as lead singer, Phil Anselmo's drug problems caused them to disband in the mid 90s.  Abbott was killed on stage by a paranoid schizophrenic in 2004.  With Dave Grohl and Dimebag signed on, it is still unclear how Grohl will fit in.  We will learn more in a minute...

Phil's band so far: Dave Grohl, Dimebag Darrell

Pick #25: Mike Mills (selected by Phil Milia)

Eric's Thoughts: I thought for sure Phil was skewing heavy after his last pick, but he throws a bit of a curveball here.  Mills is the mind behind most of R.E.M.'s catalog, even though Michael Stipe is the more recognizeable member.  In addition to his song writing, Mills is a fine bass player and great backing vocalist.  I'm not entirely sure how he fits in with Dimebag and Grohl, and we still don't know exactly where Grohl will end up.  I like Mills and I'd like the pick if it were standing alone, but I can't see a scenario where he meshes musically with Dimebag.

Phil's Band so far: Dave Grohl, Dimebag Darrell, Mike Mills

Pick #26: Randy Rhoads (selected by Matt Balikan)

Eric'c Thoughts: Rhoads (who shares a birthday with me) was classically trained and those classical characteristics often seeped into his work with Ozzy and, to an extent, Quiet Riot.  He really came into his own once he paired with Ozzy, who gave him free reign to do what he wanted.  Rhoads died in a plane crash at age 26.  There are varying opinions as to just what Rhoads would have done musically with the rest of his life.  He was supposedly going to leave Ozzy and go to UCLA to get a degree in music.  As far as Matt's band goes, this is a luxury pick.  He and Van Halen provide essentially the same skill set.  Both are so good that they can create a sound full enough on their own that a second guitarist isn't required. I'd like to know how Matt envisions them fitting together. His last two picks will likely be a bass player and singer

Matt's Band so far:
Lead Guitar-Eddie Van Halen
Lead Guitar- Randy Rhoads
Drummer- John Bonham

Pick #27: Jay Z (selected by Ryan Sharkazy)
Eric's Thoughts: I was wondering if anyone would really decide to branch out.  This will be a polarizing pick to say the least, but I like it.  One of the biggest names in the history of Hip-Hop, Jay Z brings a dynamic to this comptetition that is hard for me to articulate.  Obviously, Travis Barker can mesh with him and I totally see Hendrix getting on board and experimenting with Hip Hop guitar. I'm not sure what anything like that would sound like.  No, it's not going to be a Linkin Park type of thing, that would be bad.  My only issue with the pick is that I'm not the biggest Jay Z fan.  What about Tupac, Slick Rick, Mos Def, Andre 3000 or my favorite, Snoop Dogg.  I love the spirit of the idea, but I'm luke warm on its execution.

Shark's band so far:
Vocals: Jay Z
Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Drums:Travis Barker

Pick #28: John Paul Jones (selected by Alexandra Scheirer)
Eric's thoughts: Alex continues to build from the outside in, nabbing a plus bass player in round 3.  Jones was a profitable session bassist before wanting to be more than a dancing monkey for whomever was paying him to play. He and Jimmy Page decided to star Led Zeppelin.  Jones and Bonham were big James Brown fans which contributed to some of Led Zep's rhythym catalog's funk feel.  He was also the least of indulgent of the group, often shying away from the fame and attention Page and Plant received.  Jones is the 3rd Zeppelin member drafted.  Alex has now assembled a group of very heady, smart musicians. I'm not worried about her at the moment, but there's a foundation laid that, with the right singer and drummer, can create a contender.  I just can't think of who that might be right now. 

Alex's Band so far:
Guitar/Vocals: Tom Petty
Guitar/Vocals: David Crosby
Bass: John Paul Jones

Pick #29: Allan Holdsworth (selected by Doug Kindt)
Eric's Thoughts: It's clear at this point that Dougie's band theme is "innovation".  Holdsworth has been cited by many a great musician as an influential part of their music.  He has spent his entire musical career sort of floating around, working solo and appearing on other people's albums here and there.  His is known for his lightning fast arpeggios, that, for me, are sometimes too fast to really enjoy.  Doug's could trot out the three guys he has now and they'd be fine.  His last two picks are icing on the cake at this point, unless you consider a better singer than Claypool to be a need. 

Doug's band so far:
Guitar: Allan Holdsworth
Bass:/Vocals: Les Claypool
Drums: Neil Peart

Pick #30: Kate Bush (selected by Liz Abbott)
Eric's Thoughts: We've got a rogue on our hands.  Liz drafts Kate Bush who will likely play keyboards in her group.  Bush is an artsy, dare I say crazed, English songbird who has a...unique voice.  In her defense, Bush was recommended to her record label by David Gilmour.  Look, it's not that I don't think she's talented or good, but she's not good enough to be picked in this draft.  No, I'm not sexist.  In fact, picking someone in large part because they happen to be female is, in itself, overtly sexist.  I hope Liz recovers in future rounds so Prince doesn't waste away in a black hole of mediocrity.

Liz's Band:
Lead Guitar/vocals: Prince
Guitar: Ani DiFranco
Piano: Kate Bush

Pick #31: Ian Anderson (selected by Rik Pontician)
Eric's Thoughts: Anderson, Jethro Tull's lead singer, first became interested in music when he started reading music publications while working at a street newstand in his youth.  He decided to play the flute when he decided he wouldn't be as good of a guitar player as Eric Clapton.  If everyone thought that way, there would be 4 or 5 guitar players.  Anderson is still relevant enough to play guitar at times, like having Frank Thomas play first instead of DHing.  His voice is simple, clean, understandable exact.  He isn't a powerful, epxlosive singer, but he gets the job done.  His stage antics and garish movements might be a bit polarizing, but he sells out and it works.  Rik has waited longer than just about everyone to start a guitar section.  It'll be interesting to see if elite guitar talent is still around when he needs it to be.

Rik's band so far:
Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Flute: Ian Anderson
Lead Guitar:
Bass: John Entwistle
Drums: Bill Bruford

Pick #32: Jeff Beck (selected by Todd Baldwin)
Eric's Thoughts: Great fit.  Todd already has Jim Morrison, a creative force that is difficult to find pieces to mesh with.  Beck's musically creativity was expressed almost entirely through instrumental means alone.  He didn't do lyrics.  I'm sure he'd allow Morrison to get wheels turning on things and then evolve the music as they went along as Morrison swam on the lyrical end of the pool.  It's hard to marry supreme talent with sound band structure, but Todd has done it beautifully so far.

Vocals: Jim Morrison
Guitar: Jeff Beck
Drums: Danny Carey

Pick #33: Carl Palmer (selected by Glen Longenhagen)
Eric's Thoughts: This is a fine selection.  Palmer is one hell of a drummer, and fits nicely with Glen's previous selection of Tony Banks.  He also gives McCartney, Glen's projected head songwriter to this point, a weapon superior to Ringo on the drum kit.  I'm starting to see how they can fit together.  Banks gives this group the possibility to do the sort of things the Beatles did on their albums live on stage, without sacrificing sound.  Now he needs a guitar player, and probably someone to share writing duties with McCartney, who didn't exactly do it alone with the Beatles.

Glen's band so far:
Bass/Vocals: Paul McCartney
Drums: Chris Palmer
Keys: Tony Banks

Pick #34: Chris Cornell (selected by Eric Longenhagen)
Eric's Thought's: Just listen.....

Eric's band:
Lead Vocals: Chris Cornell
Lead Guitar: Jimmy Page
Rhythm Guitar/Backing vocals: Pete Townshend

Pick #35: Keith Emerson (selected by Dave Knerr)
Eric's Thoughts: Another ELP member is drafted, and Knerr continues to build an interesting and diverse band.  When you think keyboard players, theatrics don't typically come to mind, but Emerson had them.  Upside down organs, using knives to hold down keys, all sorts of shit.  He's was also very good.  He also played a one night gig with Spinal Tap at Wembley Stadium.  It's hard to put on finger on where Knerr is going right now.  He needs the right guitar player to round things out.

Knerr's band:
Vocals: Freddie Mercury
Bass: Jaco Pastorius
Keys: Keith Emerson

Pick #36: Stewart Copeland (selected by Michele Longenhagen)
Eric's Thoughts: Solid.  Would you believed me if I told you Copeland was influenced by jazz early on?  RollingStone had Copeland ranked as the 5th best drummer of all time.  What most impresses me about Copeland is that while he can do whatever he wants on a drum kit, he chooses not to.  His style is very understated, built more to compliment the music instead of driving it.  Copeland's creativity fits well with Clapton and Byrne, whom Michele already employs.  We will get a great look at Michele's band as she makes her next pick....

Pick #37: Billy Preston
Eric's Thoughts: Technically, Preston is the second Beatle taken.  He's an excellent piano player and keyboardist and a good enough singer that he can take the lead at times.  The way he showed the ability to transition from 60's rock into 70's funk is an indication he can adjust to whatever David Byrne, likely Michele's head writer, will throw his way.  Also, he's already worked with Clapton, so there's rapport there.  Michele's is the first band with 4 members.  She does not have a bass player yet, so she'll likely grab one with her final pick.  I really like her band so far. 

Michele's band so far:
Vocals: David Byrne
Lead Guitar: Eric Clapton
Drums: Stewart Copeland
Keys: Billy Preston

Pick #38: Keith Moon (selected by Dave Knerr)
Eric's Thoughts: This pick will be polarizing.  Moon is an interesting case, one that I examined with one of my first writings seen HERE. I won't get into that again so you can click to see what I think.  Eveyone from Led Zeppelin and and The Who, other than each band's lead singer, have now been taken.

Knerr's band:
Vocals: Freddie Mercury
Bass: Jaco Pastorius
Drums: Keith Moon
Keys: Keith Emerson

Pick #39: Ginger Baker (selected by Eric Longenhagen)
Eric's Thoughts: I was originally hoping to grab Travis Barker here but Shark snapped him up a round and a half ago.  Baker is no slouch, though.  He is considerd by some to be rock's first superstar drummer.  His styling has a heavy influence on lots of today's music (he was the king of flam and one of the first to use two bass drums instead of just one) especially in the metal scene.  He's good enough that it doesn't hurt me, but I'm not opening anyone's eyes with this selection. I already know who my bass player is going to be....

My band so far:
Vocals: Chris Cornell
Lead Guitar: Jimmy Page
Rhythm Guitar/backing vocals: Pete Townshend
Drums: Ginger Baker

Pick #40: John Petruccci (selected by Glen Longenhagen)

Petrucci is respected for his variety of guitar styles and skills. One of the most notable of these is his high speed alternate picking which, as he himself claims, requires a "strong sense of synchronization between the two hands." John is notable for frequent use of the seven-string electric guitar, which he states is used as a "writing tool", taking advantage of the extended range both for heavier riffing and to play extended range runs as part of a solo. He'a terrific musician, I'm just not sure how he fits in with the rest of this group.  He seems like sort of a black sheep. He has flexibility with his last pick.

Glen's band so far:
Bass/Vocals: Paul McCartney
Lead Guitar: John Petrucci
Drums: Carl Palmer
Keys: Tony Banks

Pick #41: Geddy Lee (selected by Todd Baldwin)
Eric's Thoughts: Todd was taking forever to make this pick, probably because he has a life, but made it worth it.  Lee, an avid baseball fan, give Todd a unique skill set.  He can sing, is a great bass player and can quickly transition to keyboards in the middle of songs while playing bass pedals, so no musical body is lost.  He has an easy going presonality that fits right in with everyone else in Todd's band, giving Jim Morrison a steady foundation on which to be crazy.

Todd's Band so far:
Vocals: Jim Morrison
Lead Guitar: Jeff Beck
Bass: Geddy Lee
Drums: Danny Carey

Pick #42: Steve Morse (selected by Rik Pontician)
Eric's Thoughts: Morse is considered one of the hardest working guitarists in the world, playing in a wide variety of genres in only thirty years. He is known for his stylistically diverse compositional skills and virtuosic abilities, and was voted "Best Overall Guitarist" by Guitar Player magazine for five years in a row, qualifying him for their "Guitar Player Hall of Fame", the only other members being Steve Howe and Eric Johnson. He is regularly cited by John Petrucci as a major influence, and has proven himself throughout his career as capable of playing highly complex chord structures in classical sequences, as well as being able to play fast, alternate picked arpeggios. He is well known for using harmonics and improvising them in songs during live performances. 

Rik's band so far:
Vocals/guitar: Ian Anderson
Lead Guitar: Steve Morse
Bass: John Entwistle
Drums: Bill Bruford

Pick #43: Chrissie Hynde (selected by Liz Abbott)
Eric's Thoughts: I guess this means Annie DiFranco moves over to bass.  Liz has assembled either a love it or hate type of band, with all females and Prince.  Her addition likely insures that Liz's group will be the most politically active of the lot.  She is a good singer, adding to what is arguably the most impressive vocal collection anyone has assembled so far. 

Liz's band so far:
Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar: Prince
Guitar/vocals: Chrissie Hynde
Bass/vocals: Ani DiFranco
Keys/Vocals: Kate Bush

Pick #44: King Diamond (selected by Doug Kindt)
Eric's Thoughts: Diamond, born in Denmark, gives Doug's band a unique voice as a lead vocalist and a unique stage presence.  On stage, King Diamond uses a microphone handle consisting of a femur bone and a tibia bone in the shape of a cross. He had previously used a human skull which was called Melissa, on stage. In the mid-1980s Melissa was stolen after a performance in the Netherlands. 

Doug's band so far:
Lead Vocals: King Diamond
Lead Guitar: Alla Holdsworth
Bass/vocals: Les Claypool

Pick #45: Ringo Starr (selected by Alexandra Scheirer)
Alex grabs Ringo to play drums.  The drummer landscape is pretty barren at this point so I can't blame her for taking someone recognizeable, even if there are some more talented people left that she could dig for.  Ringo is fun and goofy, diametrically opposed to the blowhardishness of David Crosby.  I like the idea of them together, as well as the rhythm section of Ringo and JPJ.  

Alex's band so far:
Vocals/Guitar: Tom Petty
Vocals/Guitar: David Crosby
Bass: John Paul Jones
Drums: Ringo Starr

Pick #46: Tom Morello (selected by Ryan Sharkazy)
A perfect fit for Shark's group, Morello has plenty of experience doing the sorts of things Shark's band is likely to do with the guys he already has.  Morello joined his first band at age 13.  It was a Led Zeppelin cover band.  How do you even think about doing that type of stuff at 13? If Shark adds a decent bass player in the last round, he's getting either my first or second place vote. 

Shark's band:
Lead Vocals: Jay Z
Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Guitar: Tom Morello
Drums: Travis Barker

Pick #46: Cliff Burton (selected by Matt Balikan)
Balikan breathes life into the late Cliff Burton, clearly establishing metal sensibilities to his band's structure.  Burton, Metallica's original bass player, was known for his "lead bass" approach, in which the bass played a melodic and soloist role, in addition to holding down the harmonic and rhythmic foundation of the band.  Matt is going to get some votes for sure, he has plenty of singers to pick from i nthe last round. 

Matt's band so far:
Lead Guitar: Eddie Van Halen
Lead Guitar: Randy Rhoads
Bass: Cliff Burton
Drums: John Bonham

Pick #47: Jack White (selected by Phil Milia)
Phil clearly has the most diverse group of musicians, and this pick dictates Dave Grohl's move to the drums.  Jack White has done a lot of cool stuff with very little help (unless you count Meg White as a musical asset) and is one of the more interesting musical minds of our day.  He's also a very good guitar player, though his non-conformist style is what I think makes him great, and it's kind of hard to be an individual and do what you want when you're in a band with as many big names as he is. 

This brings us to our last round.  I wanted everyone to submit a band name as well.  What follows is the final roster for everyone's band along with their band name.  I have the final pick starred and notes attached to it if I see fit. 
Striped Bong Dream Fighters (Phil Milia)
Vocals/Keys: Kate Pierson*
Lead Guitar: Dimebage Darrell Abbott
Guitar/Vocals: Jack White
Bass/Vocals: Mike Mills
Balls Out, Balls Deep (Matt Balikan)
Lead Vocals: Ron James Dio*
Lead Guitar/Vocals: Eddie Van Halen
Guitar: Randy Rhoads
Bass: Cliff Burton
Voodoo Children (Ryan Sharkazy)
Lead Vocals: Jay Z
Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Guitar: Tom Morello
Drums: Travis Barker
Piano/Vocals: Billy Joel* (Shark took Joel, and not a bass player in round 5.  That doesn't work. I love Joel, but without a bass player, everything just sounds empty.  He should have taken Flea)
Scheirer's Hires (Alexandra Scheirer)
Guitar/Vocals: Tom Petty
Guitar/Vocals: David Crosby
Bass: John Paul Jones
Drums: Ringo Starr
Keys/Vocals: Christine McVie*
SAND (Doug Kindt)
Lead Vocals: King Diamond
Lead Guitar: Allan Holdsworth
Guitar: Mikael Akerfeldt*(Sweedish death metal guitarist, making every one of Dougie's band members citizens of different countries)
Bass/Vocals: Les Claypool
Drums: Neil Peart
The Violets (Liz Abbott)
Lead Guitar/Vocals: Prince
Guitar/Vocals: Chrissie Hynde
Bass/Vocals: Ani DiFranco
Drums: Cindy Blackman*
Keys/Vocals: Kate Bush
Meat (Rik Pontician)
Lead Vocals/Guitar/Flute: Ian Anderson
Lead Guitar: Steve Morse
Bass: John Entwistle
Drums: Bill Bruford
Keys: Gregg Rolie*
The Show Stoppers (Todd Baldwin)
Lead Vocals: Jim Morrison
Lead Guitar: Jeff Beck
Guitar: Joe Satriani*
Bass: Geddy Lee
Drums: Danny Carey
Wrath of Dog (Glen Longenhagen)
Lead Vocals: Annie Wilson*
Lead Guitar: John Petrucci
Bass/Vocals: Paul McCartney
Drums: Carl Palmer
Keys: Tony Banks
Sex and Violence (Eric Longenhagen)
Lead Vocals: Chris Cornell
Lead Guitar: Jimmy Page
Guitar: Pete Townshend
Bass: Rick James*(fuck yo couch, nigga)
Drums: Ginger Baker
Ethel's Sphincter (Dave Knerr)
Lead Vocals: Freddie Mercury
Lead Guitar: Les Paul*
Bass: Jaco Pastorius
Drums: Keith Moon
Keith Emerson: Keys
The Outsiders (Michele Longenhagen)
Lead Vocals: David Byrne
Lead Guitar/Vocals: Eric Clapton
Bass: Larry Graham*
Drums: Stewart Copeland
Keys: Billy Preston
Voting worked the same way Heisman voting does.  Everyone voted on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place without being able to vote on their own band.  1st place votes got 3 points, 2nd got 2pts and 3rd got 1pt.  Here are your winners...

1.Matt Balikan-13 points
2. Eric Longenhagen- 10 points
3.Phil Milia- 10 points
4. Michele Longenhagen- 9 points

Name      1st      2nd      3rd      Total Pts

Matt          2        3          1            13

Phil           3         1                        10

Eric           1         3           1          10

Michele     1         2           2           9

Dave         2                       2          8

Todd                     3           1          7

Rik            2                                   6

Glen         1            1           1          6

Shark                                   1         1

Doug                                    1         1

Liz                                        1         1

Alex                                                 0

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  1. This was great fun I hope you see fit to include me the next time you do a similar draft. Great picks by all I can't find a single "Clunker" or as this group would tag it A "P C".