Thursday, October 27, 2011

Arizona Fall League Scouting Report: Dan Burawa

Dan Burawa (Yankees RHP)

Age: 22 (turns 23 in December)

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 190lbs

12th round pick in 2010 out of St. John’s University

The kind of velocity Burawa brought to the table as an amateur is that of a player who typically goes much earlier than the twelfth round, but he came from an under-scouted region and fell into the lap of his hometown Yankees later than he probably should have. It’s also possible Burawa fell due to makeup issues. He was suspended early in his final collegiate season for reasons I cannot uncover. We all do stupid things in college (And in adulthood. Right, Catasauqua Police Department?) so I wouldn’t expect that to be an issue moving forward. Burawa signed for earlier round money ($300,000) and the Yankees sent Burawa to the AFL this year in hopes that he can polish up so they can start to get a return on that investment. I had no idea what to expect from Burawa as he trotted out of the Phoenix Muni bullpen last week and came away pleasantly surprised.


Burawa is becoming a bit of a porker. The weight listed above (which is the weight listed in the official AFL program) is likely a gross underestimate of Burawa’s gustatorial accomplishments. I describe him in my notes as, “Barrel Gutted”. He’s likely to widen as he ages. Does it matter? Not really. Burawa has always profiled as a reliever so it’s not as if he needs to maintain a high level of cardiovascular fitness in order to pitch multiple innings.


The fastball is plus, sitting in the 93-95mph range when I saw him. It lacked horizontal movement but had nice natural sink, a downward action that occurred late in the pitch’s path toward the plate. He coupled that with an average slider that is quite short but comes in hard, 84-87mph. As an amateur, Burawa sported a curve and changeup. It’s likely that at least one of those has been scrapped altogether while the other exits purely as a show-me pitch for lefties. Neither of those pitches was good when he threw them and I saw neither of them last week.


Burawa’s lower half is stiff and inflexible. He does not use it efficiently. As we move upward, the rotation in his hips generates considerable torque and adds to his velocity. The arm action is long and low, putting abnormal stress on the shoulder but it’s also the cause of the sink on his heater. There’s also noise above the shoulders, which is likely the cause of his poor command. These are sins one can live with since we’re just talking about a reliever here.


IP: 84 (not including AFL innings)
Strikeout to Walk Ratio: 2.75:1
Strikeouts per Nine Innings: 7.1
ERA- 3.64
FIP- 2.46


Dan Burawa is your typical one and a half pitch, nausea-inducing arm action pitcher who will make a nice middle reliever for a few years before either blowing out his shoulder or suffering from the sudden, precipitous decline that befalls so many relievers. 


  1. keep your day job. You will never be a paid journalist. All the stats in this article are wrong. No home runs given up in 2011???? Look again. Drafted in 2010 and "too old" for double A in 2011????? Really???? 39 innings pitched? Wrong again. All your information is wrong....Like I said before...keep your day job.

  2. Oh, you're right. Should have specified it was High-A, I'll correct that immediately.

  3. Damn Anonymous... angry much?