Sunday, January 22, 2012

MLB Showdown Needs

From time to time I spend some discretionary income trying to fill in my MLB Showdown collection.  Below is a list of cards I still  need and HERE is a list of cards I have to trade.  Feel free to post in the comments section or email me to talk about trading like we used to do on the ShowdownCards Forum back in the day.

22000 Pennant Run: None

2001 Base Set: Mike Sweeney

2001 Pennant Run: Ramiro Mendoza

2002 Base Set: Albie Lopez,  Roberto Hernandez, Tom Goodwin, Nick Neugebauer,Michael Barrett, Kaz Sasaki, Darryl Kile, Bud Smith, Kelvim Escobar

2002 Trade Deadline: Billy Wagner

2002 Pennant Run: David Eckstein, Kenny Lofton, Vicente Padilla, Eric Hinske, Chipper Jones (’98 Braves Super Season), Randy Johnson (’95 Mariners Super Season), Roberto Alomar (’93 Blue Jays Super Season), Trevor Hoffman (’98 Padres Super Season)

2003 Base Set: None

2003 Trade Deadline: None

2003 Pennant Run: Jeremy Bonderman, Carlos Baerga (1993 Super Season),

2004 Base Set: NONE

2004 Trade Deadline: Bob Gibson

2004 Pennant Run:Danys Baez, Jim Palmer

2005 Base Set: David Ortiz, C.C. Sabathia, Aaron Miles, Ugeth Urbina, Armando Benitez, Brad Lidge, Cesar Izturis, Mike Piazza, Kenny Lofton, Mike Lieberthal, Eric Munson, Ramon Hernandez, Jason Schmidt, Ichiro, Jim Edmonds, Francisco Cordero, Justin Speier, Vernon Wells

2005 Trade Deadline: Brooks Robinson, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan


  1. I have these guys. Let me know if you wanna work something out.

    2002 Pennant Run: Randy Johnson (’95 Mariners Super Season)

    2004 Pennant Run: Jim Palmer, Bob Feller

    2005 Base Set: Aaron Rowand, Paul LoDuca, Vernon Wells, Ramon Hernandez, Orlando Hudson, David Wright, Ray King

    2005 Trade Deadline: Rod Carew


  2. I have the 2001 mike Sweeney an all the 2002 pennant run cards except the chipper jones if your interested email me at

  3. I've got '03 Baerga, '04 Gibson, '04 Palmer and a bunch of the 2005 guys. I'm looking to sell not trade though. But I'd give you a good price for them, email me at:

  4. Will trade you:
    01 BS Sweeney
    01 PR Mendoza
    02 BS Lopez, Hernandez, Goodwin, Neugebauer, Barrett, Sasaki (foil), Kile, Smith, Escobar
    02 PR Eckstein (foil) Lofton (foil) Padilla (foil) Hinske (foil) Chipper SS (foil) Hoffman SS (foil)
    04 PR Baez, Palmer (foil)
    05 BS Cordero (foil)


    05 BS Gagne (foil)
    04 PR Pujols (foil)
    04 TD Alex Rodriguez (foil), Ashburn (foil), Jeter (foil)
    02 TD Pedro Martinez (foil)
    01 BS Griffey (foil), Roberto Alomar (foil)
    00 PR Griffey (foil)
    and any combination of these commons that you have available
    04 BS 012 Rod Barajas, 019 Matt Kata, 090 D'Angelo Jimenez, 128 Carlos Pena, 180 Brian Jordan, 195 John Vander Wal, 196 Chris Gomez, 270 Reggie Sanders
    04 TD 006 Carlos Rivera, 021 Kelvin Escobar 026 Hideki Matsui 032 Brad Fulmer 040 Adam Kennedy 046 Miguel Cabrea 049 Ronnie Belliard 052 LaTroy Hawkins 054 Eddie Guardado 055 Todd Walker 057 Raul Mondesi 060 Keith Foulke 071 Ted Lilly 076 Juan Gonzalez 093 Jason Lane 098 Roger Clmens
    05 BS 069 Kerry Wood 269 Jack Wilson 339 Michael Young