Sunday, July 11, 2010

Futures Game Running Diary: Bottom 4

Erin Andrews interviews Domonic Brown in the Team USA dugout. This is the first time I've heard Domonic converse with anyone. He seems descent enough. Andrews asks him about any timetable for a potential callup and Brown responds, "All I can worry about is the Lehigh Valley IronPigs." Me too Dom, me too.

Julio Teheran is on the mound for the World. He's 6'2", 150lbs and just 19 years old. Apparently they don't eat in Columbia. His skinny ass can sure throw a baseball. He touches 96mph. I can't imagine how fast he'll be able to throw when he fills out. I can't think of any other Colombian pitchers. Maybe we'll see more now that Teheran has opened the door for scouts to take a look down there.

Teheran's changeup is nasty. It has screwball action so I'm guessing it's either a modified splitter or a circle change. His curveball is descent. He has trouble controlling it. He'll be in the majors for a long time; a dominant closer at worst and, if he tames the curveball, possibly a #1 starter.

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