Sunday, July 11, 2010

Futures Game Running Diary: Top 9

Almost done. Rockies pitcher Christian Friedrich is on the mound. I'm upset we haven't seen Jarred Cosart yet.

Friedrich pitches to one hitter and Tanner Scheppers comes in. Scheppers touches 99mph on his first pitch. He's recently been moved to the bullpen and has mostly been between 95-98mph with his fastball as a reliever. Combine that heat with a venomous low-80s curveball that has hard, late break and you have a big time pitching prospect. He has a starter's build and delivery, but his 2008 shoulder injury was pretty serious. Apparently it was serious enough that the smart betting is that he ends up in the bullpen. He could help the Rangers in the stretch run. Long term I see Neftali Feliz ending up in the rotation (once he figures out how to throw a decent breaking ball) and Scheppers closing games in Arlington.

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