Sunday, July 11, 2010

Futures Game Running Diary: Top 2nd

Jeremy Hellickson

Tons of bugs bugs begin to swarm around the main centerfield camera. Cameraman probably smells.

Jeremy Hellickson remains on the mound for team USA. "Hellboy" has only slightly above average stuff, but he commands every pitch and throws them all for strikes. His low 90s fastball has nice late movement on it, exploding in toward right handed hitters, forcing pop-ups and broken bats. The arm speed on his changeup is good, and it fades and sinks late in flight. He should get swings and misses with it. His Slurve (scouting report says curveball but its far too slurvy) is alright. The way the ball comes out of his hand is different from his other pitches, making it easy to tell (from our vantage point at least) that he is throwing it. Hitters may have a hard time picking it up. He'd be in most major league rotations today, but the Rays staff is too deep. He'll be up this year before all is said and done.

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