Monday, June 6, 2011

MLB Draft Live Blog

We're only one pick in and already I've laughed twice at how awkward Bud Selig is.  He must have been stuffed into countless lockers in high school.  We've also had dome controversy already.  Cuban lefty Onelky Garcia Speck (mid 90s fastball, good curveball at age 23) was declared draft eligible by MLB this morning.  This was something that MLB teams were unaware of.  International players are not subject to the draft and when Cuban players defect they try to establish residency in other countries.  MLB though Speck had established residency in the US.  So all day teams have been scrambling to slot this kid on their draft boards.  Turns out MLB was wrong and he has submitted papers that say he is a resident of Nicaragua, so he'll be a free agent.

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