Monday, June 6, 2011

MLB Draft Live Blog

The Diamondbacks select UCLA pitcher Trevor Bauer with the third pick.  Bauer is small and launches himself off of the mound with a giant stride, so naturally he's been compared to Tim Lincecum.  Those predictions are inaccurate at best.  Bauer has better numbers than his teammate Gerrit Cole, but not better stuff.  His Fastball sits 93-95 and touches as high as 98.  He also has a nasty curveball.  Concerns about Bauer abound.  His delivery is a tad but violent.  It might indicate risk for future injury, but he's been remarkably durable in college.  Part of that could be because he's only been asked to pitch once a week in college, as opposed to once every 5th day in pro ball.  Part of it could also be his unique long tossing program which some MLB teams do not allow their pitchers to participate in.  I like the pick for the Dbacks and hop Bauer stays healthy because he is fun to watch.

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