Monday, June 6, 2011

MLB Draft Prospect Scouting Report: Larry Greene

The Phillies selected High School 1B/OF Larry Greene with the 39th pick in the draft.  He has more power than any high school player in the draft and is often compared to...wait for it....Ryan Howard.  He swings with all his might every chance he gets.  He has great bat speed and hip rotation which help him generate his power.  He also strikes out a lot, a problem which will not only continue but likely get worse before it bets better, because he hasn't seen a lot of good pitching yet.

Defensively, Greene is likely pigeonholed at first base because he has no arm and is slow footed.  The Phils' experiment with Jon Singleton in left field sets a precedent for them to do the same with Greene, though I doubt it will stick.  You probably won't hear Greene's name again for several years as I expect him to spend 2 full years in Rookie Ball in the Gulf Coast League.  He's that raw.

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