Monday, June 6, 2011

MLB Draft Live Blog

As a Phillies fan, I'm terrified of what the Nationals have done recently.  They add another potential star here in Alex Meyer who has electric stuff.  Meyer sports a mid 90s fastball that touches 98mph. His low, quirky arm slot generates nice armside run on the heater.  He backs that up with a nasty mid 80s slider that moves A LOT.  He ability to develop a third pitch will be the key to true stardom.  If not, he'll still be an elite reliever.  Ending up in the bullpen really hurts his value but it could be much worse.  Still awkward and lanky, Meyer has shot up to 6'9" and doesn't control his body (or his pitches) with maturity and grace.  He's goofy and still growing in to his body.  One other potential red flag is that Meyer has really only put it together this season, struggling his entire college career otherwise

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